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Did you know that an average person spends more than 10 hours on screen time? With tech devices being essential to our lives, we offer you accessories to protect them in a fashionable way. Here you’ll find products inspired by contemparary lifestyles. Dassi Decal was founded to provide you with chic yet functional products to protect your tech devices. We recognise that each of you has your own unique style which is what makes you special.

Your devices don’t have

to be boring looking

The smile on your face when you revitalise your MacBook with a new look is invaluable to us. We know how precious your mobile phones and laptops are to you and that is why we offer you an elegant way to protect them.


“Slow down to appreciate the roses by the roadside,

we are all here to live.”


We are continually inspired by contemparary living spaces and we want you to join us. Elevate your surrounding areas with a touch of modern.