1. What is a skin? 

A skin is a protective decal that is extremely thin and light. So thin and light that you practically won't be able to feel any differences after applying it! Made from premium vinyl material, a skin is water-proof and provides the ultimate durability to protect your devices from scratches.

2. Why get a skin instead of a hard cover?

A skin is extremely light and thin which give your devices a sleek look and feel unlike a hard cover which is really bulky. We also carry a great variety of modern design such as marble and abstract collection which are much more unique than plain covers.  

3. What material is it made from?

Dassi Decal's skins are made from premium vinyl material which is a type of synthetic man-made plastic hence is extremely durable.

4. Are skins easy to put on and remove?

Our skins are equipped with blowhole technology which are little square spaces on the sticky surface hence air bubbles will not be trapped while applying. Rest assured there will be no sticky residue left on your devices during removal too! 

​5. How to Check MacBook Model?

Every MacBook's model number is located at the bottom. Turn your MacBook around and look for a paragraph of small size words. The MacBook model number starts with the letter "A" for example "A1425". Click here to view an example.

​6. Does the Non-Macbook skins come with apple logo?

No absolutely not! The Non-Macbook with Customised Dimensions skins will come without the apple logo cutout.

​7. How to apply a skin on your device?

Skins are extremely easy to apply! Simply align the edges or a significant part of the device with the skin for example the apple logo and lay the rest of the skin down gently. If the skin is misaligned, it is perfectly fine to lift it up again to re-adjust. Don't worry if there are air bubbles, just push them out towards the edges to release them. Watch the videos in "How To Apply" section to find out more!