Who are Sleeves for:

anyone who owns a laptop (pretty much anyone who is frustrated with carrying their laptops without any Sleeves, tired of worrying if there would be scratches or dents if they accidentally drop their laptops or bored of how their current laptop Sleeve looks). The list goes on..  

 What It does:

It provides you with the best way to carry your laptops around preventing it from scratches and scruffs while making it look stunning at the same time. Gone are those days where you constantly worry about the safety of your devices.

What Is It:

Think of a sleeve as an additional Protective layer for your laptop. It's water-proof, Scratch Resistant, ultra thin and lightweight? Really want to know more? Click on "More About Our Sleeves" to find out what is the story behind our products.

How To Use:

You simply Slip your laptop in and you're good to go! Guess what, it double as a sleek folder/organizer for all of your important Documents and files as well and that's why it's one of our favourite products!

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what people love about our products

"Didn't think i'll like it as much as i do. Completely changed the whole look of my macbook and i definitely recommend it!"

Natasha Annabelle Lee

Customer Since 2017

"Bought this together with the clear case and i have to say it's a pretty value for money given how long i would be using it for plus the protection it offers." 

Eric Lim

Customer Since 2018

"Been getting so many scratches on my macbook till i discovered this skin. I must say it really is a life saver. Definitely would repurchase!"

Stephanie Juliane

Customer Since 2017

we are not lying, this looks best paired together with..